The story behind

As professionals we’ve all experienced this moment when you simply need a support - somebody to lean on. “I have a guy” whom you can trust to handle a task of yours with ease, expertise and understanding of what you do and why you do it. If it was for our personal life – it’s easy! Whatever and whenever you need it – you can always call your mama to advise or help you.

But for your marketing needs…
We are your MAMA - Marketing Account Management Associate

We use our mindset and experience to provide finished, well-thought services and let you focus on driving your business forward.

Our mission

HBR recently shared that “Research consistently shows that the happiest people use their money to buy time.” This is why our mission is to make our clients happy.

We succeed in doing so by embodying the kontacct team with seasoned professionals, who bring added value with experience in both company marketing departments and agencies. This know-how helps optimize the work process as well as campaign budgets, which translates to you receiving faster service at a competitive price.

In short - we save you time and money!

Our business comes from our successful projects and recommendations from satisfied customers. That is why we ensure 100% fulfillment of the agreed goals, budget and schedule.

The right ingredients

We are professional marketers with combined background experience from both agency and advertiser (corporate marketing).

We know how to mediate the communication and translate the messages between client and contractor.

Our experience and knowledge base will help shorten the marketing processes and optimize the timeline of any project by “fast-forwarding” iteration rounds.

On top of that – we work with trusted freelance experts to optimize your costs and still provide qualitative execution.


Creative Director






Social Media

Marketing partner

Do you want to vastly improve the efficiency and quality of your marketing?

We provide overall help with both strategic and operational functions. What you get is a dedicated person who will invest time and energy in deep involvement: analyse past and current situation, study the industry and your competitors, follow the trends, create plans, suggest innovations, attend regular meetings, coordinate with other departments, maintain on-going communication and reports, run day-to-day marketing operations, where the latter is done only after approval from your side.

Note: Subscription-based plan for a strategic role in marketing management. Does not cover the cost for any other services.

On-demand services

Are you looking for fast and smooth service with the added value of budget optimization?

If you have your strategy and plan in place and you’re just looking for the right partner for execution you can trust us with this. We can handle from a single task to a full-project coordination.
We can offer you consultancy, account management, idea generation for TV & radio spots, research and analysis, design, video editing, pre-press, print and production. We work with experienced freelancers, experts in their fields who help us provide the best value-for-money solution based on your needs.

Note: Project-based approach and price model for everyday tasks.

Digital fingerprint

We help start-ups and SMEs focus on their products, services and sales by transitioning the in-house led digital presence to us.

It’s not about the single service – everybody can make a website or maintain a Facebook page nowadays. We create visually enhanced integrated digital eco-system in accordance with your identity and the rest of your non-digital communication.
We support your growth by customization of the sales-messages and usage of the strengths of every channel.
And since it’s digital we compliment the execution with an ever-evolving strategy based on the analysis of the data, reports and feedback we get. We track everything and react swiftly to changes.

Employer branding

We work closely with the HR to provide the full marketing support in order to build and maintain the image of the organization.

We consult on your EVP creation, analyse your company’s brand and your competitors and look for the key points of contact to create a strong connection between people and the brand. A good story is powerful and memorable, and we help you tell your story the best way possible. In order to make brand messages engaging and attractive we create videos, visuals, content (copy) for usage both internally and externally.
We lead your social media management, support and facilitate the process of EGC, run anonymous internal researches... and more.

The perks of working with us

  • You dip into the talent of experienced specialists, who are also likely to produce better outcomes. We use our mindset and experience as brand owners to provide finished, well-thought services and let you focus on more important tasks, that will drive your business forward.
  • You don’t need to worry about costs for hiring, training, equipment, etc. You are only paying for what you need when you need it.
    In addition you can vary the cost for your subscription based on hours/week involvement or vary the cost for your projects based on the talent pool used or the urgency.

The 3 steps to make a difference

1 Briefing talk

we’re not “stuck” with fixed staff as a resource, so after you have provided us with the info for the assignment we form the best team based on your brief and needs (time and cost wise) and after approval we start working on first proposals for the realization of the project

3 Creative work

our marketing experts know how to put themselves in “your shoes” (because they have actually been there) and optimize the timeline by making several iterations in order to provide you with qualitative execution that comes close to a final version of what you’re seeking

5 Client edits

we make sure that everything we deliver is up to the standard of quality we promise and you’ve trusted us for and check everything before delivery; otherwise we cover the risk

We will save you ...